Business Services


  • Bookkeeping
    • All inclusive service contract that relieves the stress of tax reporting. This service is billed and communicated on a quartly basis and includes the following tax returns and reports as well as strategic tax planning support services like data analysis,full service bookkeeping and quarterly consultations with the business owner. Prepare and file 1040 with Sch (C, F, A, E) Sales Tax Returns Business License Returns, 1096, 1099 for contract workers (up to 4) W2 W3 for employees (up to 4) Full service Bookkeeping with Qtrly P&L and Tax Planning Umbrella Service for C-corp, S-Corp, LLC Parntership, Not for Profits are also available.
  • Payroll
    • Payroll options specifically designed for your company's need for support. Pure Logic Tax Service offers online, In-house, or On-site options competitively priced for each level of support.
  • Sale and Use Tax
    • TNTAP, Amazon Sales Tax, Out of State Sales Tax, and Use Tax Clarification. Full Service, Pure Logic Tax Service will handle your sales tax reporting account or Pure Logic Tax Service offers training workshops periodically for groups or on individual consultation basis with Umbrella Service package..
  • Business Licences
    • Business License, personal property tax returns, and online account serviced by Pure Logic Tax Service or Pure Logic Tax Service offers training workshops for groups or on individual basis.
  • IT Consultation
    • Software Installation, Quickbooks management, Office Networking, Internet Security, Paperless Solution.