IRS Resolution


  • Audit Support
    • No matter where you file your tax returns, Pure Logic Tax Service offers Unlimited Tax Law Representation. If you receive a letter, don't have a tax attack, call Amack! (Angela Mccormack -Enrolled Agent and Founder of Pure Logic Tax Service)
  • Power of Attorney
  • Offer in Compromise
    • Do you have staggering Tax Debt? Read more about an Offer in Compromise. An agreement between taxpayer and IRS that settles taxpayer tax liability for less than the full amount owed. If you meet the OIC Pre-qualifier, give us a call and we will represent your offer to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Prior Year Filing
    • If you have skipped a year or maybe three, don't fret. Pure Logic Tax Service can file multiple years of prior year tax returns and support those filings with an Unlimited Tax Law Representative Service that will get you back in the now and looking forward to future endeavors instead of under the gloom of the dark cloud of past due returns and the unknowing. .
  • Return Amendments
    • Ammendments are sometimes needed to fix problems with reporting due to the need to add other information not reported on original return. All ammendments required by Pure Logic Tax Service Clients are prepared for free. If you filed your original return elsewhere, Pure Logic Tax Service will be glad to help. Just bring your original tax return from your tax preparer or online service and we will do the rest. If you receive a letter from the IRS concerning an issue on tax account, Pure Logic Tax Service can investigate this information thoroughly before paying any amount due in light of the occurance that an ammendment and the proper information could resolve the problem.
  • Filing Extensions
    • The filing deadline for individuals is April 17, 2018. If you are waiting on paperwork or still trying to accumulate information to file, Pure Logic Tax Service can e-file your extension of time to file. This extension allows taxpayer's a new filing deadline of October 15, 2018. This extension will prohibit the late filing penalty but does not cover interest on any balance due that the taxpayer may have. This extension does not cover the late payment penalty but covers the late filing penalty because it covers the paperwork only. Payment is still concidered due as of April 17,2018. Other options of payment arrangements can be discussed with your Pure Logic Tax Service Tax Advisor.