Personal Assistance


  • Documents and Letters
    • Pure Logic Tax Service offers document prep for Wills and Estates,Family Wealth support services, Lease Agreements, Personal Investments, and much more. In-house and On-Site Notary Assistance available. Legal video documentation and Transcription services also available in-house or on-site to support a wide fariety of personal legal documentation needs.
  • Student Assistance
    • Every Pure Logic Tax Service Individual Tax Return Client enjoys free fafsa support for themselves as well as dependents listed on their tax return. We will support your fafsa filing requirements and communications between fafsa, IRS, and Universities. If you did not file your tax return with Pure Logic Tax Service, we will still offer this service to you for retainer fee that would be applied to tax prep fees for the following tax filing year.
  • Pre-Nuptual Consultaion
    • Let Pure Logic Tax Service hold the broom before you sign the license! We will take a quick look into your future financial situation as Married Filing Joint taxpayers. There are so many wonderful strategies available to taxpayers who enter the marriage with clear insight of how to best piece together the puzzle of two seperate lives. Balance sheets, debt to income ratios, IRS red flags, State of Tennessee Red Flags can be handled with strategic tax planning that will help protect your future family wealth. Don't order the cake or buy the dress until you make an appointment with Pure Logic Tax Service.
  • Health Care and Taxes
    • Health care insurance and regulations are constantly changing and evolving. The one constant that has been developed that will most likely continue to progress is that of your health care expense and your Federal Income Tax Account being closely associated. The responsibility of health insurance and the overall cost of healthcare to taxpayers is being shifted to an individual perspective and the benefit of group plans steadily decreasing. Pure Logic Tax Service advises tax payers in identifying the options that may best suit your individual needs associating those risk factors with expense and tax credits and deductions that may be relative to your best negotiation.
  • Independent Financial Advisment
    • Pure Logic Tax Service offers a full line of Financial Advisement services that focus on your individual goals and financial resources, not a projection of an investment company. Pure Logic Tax Service does not get paid by any securities company and does not sell investment products for any particular company. Pure Logic Tax Services advises you from a nonpartial perspective that supercedes any other service available concerning family wealth due to this Independent Perspective. Retirement options and investments, property and personal investments,employee benefits, stock options, CD's, Sale of Business,Realestate, Gifts, Like Kind exchanges, property management decisions, Pure Logic Tax Service works hard to develop a plan and projection that will support measurable goals that succeed at turning your dreams into rational planning.